13-10-06 Arnhem

Today  we cruise in the morning and then arrive in Arnhem one of the larger cities in the Netherlands. Origins in the 1200’s it has changed many land lords. Count of Guelders (Dutch) to Charles of Burgundy, then Charles of Egmond duke of Guelders took it back and then it fell to emperor Charles V, next the French preoccupied it, Germans through the war and now part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Modern day history is the Battle of Arnhem, a bridge too far.

Places of interest would be the Groote kerk, St Eusebius. Town hall , the Open Air Museum and the Burger’s Zoo.

Bridge Too Far

Bridge Too Far

We took the tour to Nijmegen, only 10 km away . It is the oldest city in the Netherlands, built on 7 hills, just like Rome. First inhabitants were the Batavians around 11 BC, then taken by the Romans who built their army encampments here. Around 10,000 soldiers.

Places of interest- Belvedere tower, the Waal-Bridge,  Town hall  and St Stevens Kirk.

St Stevens Kirk 2

St Stevens Kirk 2

St Stevens Kirk organ

St Stevens Kirk organ

Back to the spaceship for an 8pm departure.

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