13-10-08 Koblenz

Today is a leisure cruise day. So I will give you a little information on the rivers we have sailed on so far, did not spend much time here.

Amsterdam en route to Antwerp

1-      Amsterdam to Utrecht- AMSTERDAM RHINE CANAL

2-      Utrecht and Gouda – RIVER LEK

3-      Gouda and Dorderecht –RIVER NOORD

4-      Dordrecht and Antwerp  RHINE SCHELDE CANAL

Antwert to Veere


Veere to Arnhem

5-      Veere to Dordrecht HOLLANDISCHE DIEP

6-      Dordrecht to Nijmegen RIVER WAAL

7-      Nijmegen and Arnhem LOWER RHINE

Arnhem and Venlo

8-      River Mass

Venlo to Germany

9-      When leaving Netherlands –after Nijmegen- RHINE RIVER

Along the Rhine we will pass by  Duisburg, Dusseldorf, Koln and Bonn.

In April 2012 we stopped at Koln, go to our blog at www.travelmart.ca

Of course the famous Cologne Cathedral is a must to see. The Allies  specifically left this fantastic piece of history untouched by bombs. 8 million visitors a year. Other highlights are the City Hall, City Hall Tower, the Heumarkt, stature of Siegfried the Dragon Slayer and the Great church of St Martin.

Wilhelm 1st

Wilhelm 1st

Koblenz fortifications

Koblenz fortifications



Koblenz tonight is a short walking tour that will have us see the Deutshes Eck, Liebfrauen kirche. This 2000 year old town is where the Rhine and Moselle river meet. It controlled the shipping lanes and was an important  fortress. Here is where the hills and castles start.  A great old town to shop in or to just walk around

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