13-10-09 Cochem

This picture postcard town gets over 3 million visitors each year. It only has around 5000-7000 inhabitants. In April of last year we visited the castle and did a short tour around the town.

Cochem and Castle

Cochem and Castle

We decided to walk from the space ship away from town, we found a rec center, school and RV camp ground. Linked with the main road and walked back to town over the first bridge, There are two bridges that cross the river here.

Cafe Flair Cochem

Cafe Flair Cochem

Rail station Cochem

Rail station Cochem

Cochem streets

Cochem streets

We got to visit the train station, well used, and busy , we continued into the old part of town. Found a real estate listing display. You can rent a 2 bedroom in the old section of town fir euro1500 per month plus taxes and fees.

Go to our blog at www.travelmart.ca , scroll bottom left and click on the link to that blog.

We have attached a few pictures from this cruise, do take a look and compare them to last year. Of course this year you see the Fall colors.

Checked out a few shops and decided to sit at one of the sidewalk cafes and have a cappuccino

it was a large cup and cost euro3.70. Now there are other places we noticed at euro2.60 however we did not see the size. The sun came out and we just sat around for ½ hour.

Made our way back to the Diamond, spoke with returning tour participants and they all had a great time.

Just a note,  there are 7 locks on the Moselle that the Diamond navigates between Koblenz and Bernkastle and of course the Diamond must return through them on the return trip back to the Rhine river.

Later on in the blog I will give some information on the amenities , food, tours and how the staff look after you.

Back to the spaceship to have lunch and continue to cruise on the Moselle.

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