2013-10-07 Maastricht

We arrive in Venlo for the morning and after breakfast there is a tour to Maastricht. About 1 hour by coach transfers with a 1 hour walking tour. Located in the southern province of Limburg it has developed from a Roman settlement to a religious centre, a garrison city and nowadays a city of history, culture and folklore.

After Belgian independence it was difficult for a few years, there was an economic downturn that lasted until they were liberated from the Germans.



I actually spent time walking around Venlo, the old streets, city hall . Went into a supermarket, it did not look like much from the outside as it was basement level on one side but open on street side on the other side. It was a surprise, very large, covered an area of about a block with housing on top. Probably 25,000 sq ft.. Hundreds of kinds of coffee ( the Germans come here to buy coffee as there is a coffee tax in Germany that is around euro 1-2 per bag..Euro6 for 1 kg of beans. The meat and fish display areas were amazing, put our supermarkets to shame. Lots of selection, they even have a wild game section.

Back on board,  to head towards the Rhine river. Departing from the Netherland to Germany and our river journey of 31 hours to Koblenz, where we arrive in the evening.

Dinner on board and maybe a sleep in morning.

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