13-10-11 Rhine river Gorge and Rudesheim

This morning we  start early for great scenery and magnificent castles.

rhine gorge-castle stahleck

rhine gorge-castle stahleck



Our April 2012  blog covers many of the highlights of this section of the cruise, www.travelmart.ca,

Well at the end of  our fabulous river cruise and off to Rome for 3 days. I am a little behind.

Having a great time but the internet connections are the pits. Last year I encountered this and had the same problems for doing a blog where you have to upload Pictures..

It seems the internet on the ship is OK for sending some e mails and text messaging, but if you need to connect to a sever to upload more info,  is not great.

I have been told that even a satellite phone would have problem and be very expensive. I would say next time, that I would have to check around to get more information on data packages. I think that may be a good subject for a future blog. I would estimate that I have used about 600 mb so far even with the poor connections.

Now, the weather on this trip has been cooler than normal. Everyone has been saying that right now the temperatures and conditions are about 4 weeks early. Along with that comes many travelers ( from hotter climates) not prepared, Yes, colds and soar throats are starting to go around. Cough medicine, throat bon bons etc are expensive, so I would recommend taking a couple packages of lozenges with you along with cold and sinus tablets.

The cruise director is saying the weather next will should be back to normal, about 6-10 degrees warmer.

By the way, practice a little French and German before you go. Even if you only get 2 or 3 words over a couple sentences out, you will get a smile and a person that wants to help you most of the time.

Back to Rudesheim-

Museum of Mechanical Instuments

Museum of Mechanical Instuments

This time around we  did the Siegfried’s Mechanical Museum.  You have to visit this place,

They have a washroom that is free, I suggest you make a stop here. Something I did not mention is the WC, Washrooms, Damon, Herron  etc,. Make sure you have some loose change. Rates can vary from 20 cents to 2 euros. If you are desperate,

Another highlight is the cable car up to the monument of  “Germania”, The Niederwld Monument



it costs euro7.00 return. Today it is raining and cool, however we have our rain ponchos and umbrella so off to the top. Restaurants and some facilities up at the top. You can also drive up  and it is pay parking. In nicer weather there are walking trails etc, where you can stroll around for about 1 ½ hours and even walk back down to town.  Not today. The top statue is about  75,000 pounds

Cable car to Germania

Cable car to Germania



We stopped at a café and coffe house ,  had a couple cappuccinos along with a hot apple strudel , ummmm very good. Many visitors were having the Rudesheimer Coffee.

1-      put 3 cubes of sugar in a coffee cup, pour over 4cl well-heated Asbach (cognac ), and light. (Cup should be able to hold 10-12 oz.

2-      stir and allow to burn for about one minute.

3-      pour in hot coffee and fill to about 2 cm below the rim

4-      place a scoop of whipped cream sweetened with vanilla sugar on top

5-      sprinkle with grated dark chocolate

6-      drink the hot delight through the cool cream


Back to the Diamond.

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