2013-10-16 Basel to Rome

Today we got to stay a bit longer on the Scenic Diamond, they took us to the airport around 1 pm. Our flight was not until 530 pm.

At the airport we sat around waiting for the easy Jet flight.Basel airport waiting

I would say that everyone did not like easy Jet for one or more reasons. No one will fly them again.

Charged one of the ladies travelling 50 euros for her purse because she also had a carry on.  The purse was 3/4 the size of a sheet of paper. Did not even suggest he put her purse into the carry on. You think of these things after the fact, they get you while you are flustered.

Flight was painful for more than 1/2 the group, our head colds did not help . Easy Jet went pretty fast to the high altitude with a fast decent. I guess we could say it was the mountains, but  I did not see any of those around Rome. Only some hills.

Picked up the Roma passes at the airport and found our transfer driver. Things went pretty smooth, it was a long day.

The NH Giustiiano is a fantastic hotel, staff, rooms, food and location -location – location.

We went to the restaurant and had —————–  very large portions.  The service was a bit slow, but they only had one server.

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