2013-10-17 Rome- Vatican- Sistine Chapel- St Peter’s and Segway tonight

NH GiustinianoThe NH Giustiniano hotel is very nice, modern and great staff. rooms are large, clean and a comfortable bed.  Location Location Location:  You can walk to the Vatican in about 20 min., you can make your way to the center of the Old City of Rome in about a 30 min. walk.  Taxi to Colosseum is about euro 20 to 24;Taxi  to Piazza Venezia is about euro 17 to 20 ; taxi to Pantheon area is about euro12 to 17. this is for a taxi that will seat around 4 persons.  The breakfast is fantastic ,

Very important to remind you, Pick Pockets are all over the place. Again one of our group lost a wallet from inside a fanny pack. Fortunately, just  a drivers lic. and about 100 euros. Try to leave your passport and most of your money in the safe at the hotel. If you are taking ID or credit/debit cards, do not put in back pockets, fanny packs or wallets. Crowds , metro, and of course on the buses. Chances are you will have some hands on you butt.

The left half of the entire ceiling, after res...

The left half of the entire ceiling, after restoration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning we are doing a walking tour with “Walks of Italy” , highly recommended. Our guide is Serge, we join early  735 am as we are getting an early admission to the Vatican Museums.  This 3 + hour tour covers the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and ends in St Peters.  You may take pictures of most things without flash. However NO Pictures are allowed in the Sistine Chapel. Watch out for the size of your backpacks. If they are too big you have to check them, and where you exit is a long walk back to where you started and where you backpack might be.

I can only say that even with this private guided tour, with and early entrance, you do not have enough time.  To really see and enjoy these historic places you should really plan for 1 FULL day to visit the Sistine chapel and the Vatican Museums . The gardens and St Peters is another day. Get a guide, read about this ahead of time.

Since it was lunch time , we started looking for a restaurant.  The ones around the Vatican/ St Peters are expensive. walk 5- 6 blocks  down the via del conciliazone and the head north about 2 or 3 blocks and you will find several local restaurants. ( Borro Vitoria street). Good food and reasonable prices.

After lunch we headed back to the Hotel to rest and get ready for our evening Segway tour of Rome.

Since  our Segway starts at 8 pm,  we made reservations at the trattoria “Melo”  for 630 pm. Important to note that many restaurants closed from 2 pm to 7 pm , so it is important to make sure you have a reservation for an early diner.  The trattoria Melo is off the east side of the Piazza Venezia.  via Magnanapoi, just going up the steps from the Coloma ( column) Traina.Specializing in Siciliane dishes. Pleny of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes to select from at reasonable prices.  Meal for two, with appetizer man course , dessert will be around euro 40..

Pantheon by Segway      Vatican Museum one of many ceilings  Vatican Museum 10.1      Vatican Museum one of many stair cases  Vatican Museum 10.2Rome Melo Restaurant  lunch time outside trevi fountain evening Rome segway

Segway , walk 200 ft.  around the corner.  Our group of 10 would say that this is a must!  I recommend that either the day tour or evening tour be taken the very next day after you arrive in Rome. It is a great way to get around, see where most of the sights are located and cover a lot of ground in the 2 1/2 to 3 hour tours. Our guide tonight is Roberto, (Bob). He was very good and went at a pace that everyone was  comfortable doing.  Even our two 70+ Segwayers would confirm that. Highlights covered: Piazza Navorna, Pantheon, Monumento Vittoro Emanuele II;Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Plazzo Chigi and more. Finished around 1040 PM, took a taxi back to the hotel had a night cap .

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